November/December 2016

Checklists & Training Tools

A Map to Online Skip Tracing Data

Joshua Fluegel

There is no correct way to scour the Internet for data on a consumer. The troubling thing about this is that means there isn’t exactly a defined wrong way to...


Collection Agency Advisor

Protecting the Client's Brand in Telecom Collections

Sam Eidson

Have you seen the commercials where a cell phone provider offers to buy out your contract, even going as far as cutting your bill in half with a sword? They...


Feature Stories

9 Steps to Buying a New Phone System

Gordon Beck

Not long ago my agency was faced with the daunting task of upgrading and replacing a phone system that we had all grown to KNOW and love (notice I emphasized...


Cover Stories

Collectors Weigh In On Proposed CFPB Rules

Joshua Fluegel

The CFPB released the Outline of Proposals Under Consideration and Alternatives Considered this past July describing rules that it may implement to be followed by all debt collection entities. The...


Technology Advisor

Automatic Collections

Sam Edens

Nearly ten years ago, I read a book titled “The Automatic Millionaire” by David Bach. It is a lesson on accumulating wealth and achieving financial independence. The subject is not...


Compliance Advisor

What the CFPB is "Fixin' to" Do

Debra J. Ciskey

My in-laws live in Texas, so I have spent a considerable amount of time there over the last 40 years or so. A colloquialism used there, and no doubt in...


Skip Tracing Advisor

The Invisible Web

Ron Brown

I was recently asked, “When are you going to run out of tracing material to write about?” As I pondered this question a smile came upon my face, or maybe...


Collection Training Advisor

Are You Proud of Your Web Presence?

Harry A. Strausser III

As we immerse ourselves in the technological age, we sometimes forget how far we have come in recent decades relative to technological advancements. We have experienced more change in the...


Legal Collection Advisor

The CFPB and the Small Business Regulatory Enforcement Fairn…

Fred N. Blitt

On July 28, 2016, the CFPB released its outline of proposals it is considering for debt collection regulation prior to convening a small business review panel. The Small Business Regulatory...


Software Spotlight

IVR Continues to Resolve Debts

Joshua Fluegel

Tried and true methods of contacting consumers to collect debt continue to be poked and prodded by increasing demands made by compliance. One of these many methods is the use...