March/April 2016

White Paper Showcase

Ten Questions to Ask Your Collection Software Vendor

dakcs white paperOur industry is constantly evolving. Asking the right questions can be a daunting task. If you are evaluating collection software solution vendors to automate your collection and ARM requirements, or have already selected your vendor but want to verify the processes, we want to provide some guidance on the ten critical questions you should ask. CLICK FOR THE WHITE PAPER.

Checklists & Training Tools

A Map to Online Skip Tracing Data

Joshua Fluegel

There is no correct way to scour the Internet for data on a consumer. The troubling thing about this is that means there isn’t exactly a defined wrong way to...


Collection Agency Advisor

Breaking Down Government Collections

Sam Eidson

As government debt continues to grow, governmental bodies have an increased need for private collection agencies in order to recover lost revenue. Government debt includes unpaid income tax, property taxes...


Feature Stories

Government Collections: Great Work if You Can Get It

Joshua Fluegel

Building a collection agency’s portfolio can be challenging, but indeed, a key component to growing an agency’s success. In no vertical is this more challenging than government collections. Not only...


Cover Stories

Guitar Collector Collection Attorney

Joseph I. Terkell, Esq.

Behind every collection call is a person. This person, much like the consumer, has a fascinating personality, hobbies and a story. Joseph I. Terkell, Esq. of The Terkell Law Firm...


Technology Advisor

Collecting for the IRS

Sam Edens

Last December, the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act (FAST Act) was made law by the federal government. Unlike the previous ruling which only allowed the IRS the authority to place...


Compliance Advisor

How to Avoid Lawsuit Bait

Debra J. Ciskey

Sometimes collectors have conversations with consumers leaving collectors feeling like someone just played them. They feel manipulated in a way difficult for them to describe. These may be instances in...


Skip Tracing Advisor

Differentiate Between Fake and Real Social Security Numbers

Ron Brown

In order for a professional tracer to operate at a maximum level they must have a thorough understanding of the closest thing the United States has to an individual identifier...


Collection Training Advisor

Are You LinkedIn to Your Industry?

Harry A. Strausser III

When I was young, my father always used to tell me, “Son, it’s not what you know in life that is important, it is who you know that will bring...


Legal Collection Advisor

Requirements Based on the Hanna Consent Order

Fred N. Blitt

In January 2016, the CFPB entered into a Consent Order with the Hanna Law Firm. This Consent Order was monumental in some respects as it provided significant details regarding the...


Software Spotlight

Collection Software Helps Small Offices Remain Compliant

Joshua Fluegel

The compliance demands of regulators continue to grow in today’s collection environment. Unfortunately the number of accounts and average amount of each is not increasing at an equal rate. This...