BYU Law Creates Software to Handle Debt Collection Lawsuits

computerUtah is suffering from a debt collection crisis, which Brigham Young University J. Reuben Clark Law School is trying to address. The law school developed a free online tool called SoloSuit to help those in the state that can’t afford legal services in order to respond to debt collection services. The online tool was developed by LawX, a legal design lab at BYU Law School that has a goal to tackle one legal challenge each semester.

LawX cofounder and class instructor Kimball Dean Parker said, as reported by Cision by PR Newswire, “Early in the semester, we realized that debt collection was a legal crisis in Utah. In the last five years, debt collectors in Utah filed over 330,000 lawsuits; 98.5 percent of those sued do not hire an attorney. And in some years, over 80 percent of those sued did not respond, causing them to automatically lose their case. SoloSuit provides a simple platform for debtors to respond to a lawsuit in as little as 10 minutes.”

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