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Another Healthcare Data Breach: What Can You Learn From IT?

Keith Barthold

All three companies in a recent, massive healthcare data breach—with a combined at-risk population of more than 20 million consumers—used American Medical Collection Agency (AMCA) as their third-party billing collections service provider, whose online payment pages are responsible for the massive data breach that exposed consumers’ financial, medical, and personal...


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Collection Software Roundtables

Healthcare Collections Transforms Into Customer Service

Joshua Fluegel

Healthcare debt collection entails a great amount of data for every account. In the midst of such an undertaking a collection professional may lose sight of efficiency. Perhaps certain arduous steps in day-to-day procedures could be bypassed if only certain tasks were automated or if a certain data import function...


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Using Video to Show Off Your Company

Jeff DiMatteo

I remember the first time our firm shot videos and hesitantly posted them online. Coming from the world of collections, this wasn’t something most in our industry were doing, or would even think of doing. The only videos our industry was used to seeing were the ones we viewed on...


Legal Collection Advisor

Collectors Help Consumers Obtain Credit

Michael L. Starzec

While in court, a consumer requested to discuss settlement. After the mini-Miranda, he asked if I was aware of the Holy Bible. When I advised him that the nuns at my grade school expected us to have read it he immediately broke into broad smile stating that he knew the...


Collection Industry Advisor

3 Options to Offer During Tax Season

Nick Jarman

When it comes to collecting debt, tax season is without argument the most profitable season of the year. Tax season starts at the beginning of February and wraps up in early May. February generally sees the highest return and slightly tapers off each month thereafter. One issue that can ease...


Compliance Advisor

What the CFPB Has to Say About Your Production Incentives

Debra J. Ciskey

Collectors are the beating heart of a collection agency. Over the years I have heard described any number of tactics collection management has used to make collectors happy in an effort to prevent them from jumping ship, including giving the best collectors the most desirable parking spaces, providing food nearly...