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California Supreme Court Weighs In On Yahoo! TCPA Case

Ross Todd for The Recorder

The California Supreme Court is being asked to weigh in on a tricky insurance coverage question in a case where Yahoo Inc. has been accused of sending unsolicited text messages in violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.At the heart of the issue is when insurers have a duty to...


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Collection Software Roundtables

How to Avoid Multi-Office Challenges

Joshua Fluegel

Congratulations! You just opened your second collection facility. Now you just need collection software. You can just recreate the same setup you have at the first location, right? Find out what today’s software vendors think you need to know before diving into a software solution that should span multiple offices. Thomas...


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Top Technology Partners Reveal Latest Technology

Collection Advisor

A healthy relationship with technology partners can lighten the workload collection professionals must bear on a daily basis. Collection Advisor Editor T. Steel Rose spoke with technology partners of the collection industry about ideas to benefit the accounts receivable process based on their area of expertise and the impact of...


Collection Agency Advisor

Legal Collection Advisor

Meaningful Involvement Looms Daily Since Weltman

Michael L. Starzec

Our industry has celebrated the opinion and order entered on July 25 in the infamous matter of the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau v. Weltman, et al as a major victory. The efforts and determination of Weltman’s team are extraordinary and were taken at great risk to themselves in order to...


Collection Industry Advisor

5 Steps to a Culture That Makes Your Company Thrive

Nick Jarman

There are several key elements that separate ordinary collection organizations from extraordinary organizations, several elements that distinguish those that continually attempt to survive from those that consistently thrive. One of those main key elements is the collection organization’s culture. Culture, when defined as a verb means to “maintain in conditions...


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Regulators In Colorado Stop Talking and Listen to Collectors

Debra J. Ciskey

The interim Administrator of the Colorado Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, Jan Zavislan, conducted an open meeting on July 30, 2018 related to the administration of the Act. Zavislan is Senior Counsel for the Consumer Protection Section at the Colorado Attorney General’s office and has worked in the AG’s office...