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FTC Settlements Ban Abusive Debt Collectors

Federal Trade Commission

The operators of a deceptive and abusive debt collection scheme are banned from the debt collection business and from buying or selling debt under settlements with the Federal Trade Commission...


The Bottom Line

Collection Agency Advisor

Engaged Collectors Instead of Dialer Zombies

Sam Eidson

Managing a collection floor certainly has its highs and lows. It’s always been a, “what have you done for me lately,” kind of business. Whether your agency had a strong...


Feature Stories

Collection Tips for A/R Pros

Collection Advisor

Valuable information should be absorbed whenever it presents itself, particularly when it is from the minds of industry thought leaders. Fortunately, there is some presented right here, plain and simple...


Cover Stories

Who's Who in Compliance 2018

Collection Advisor

Top A/R Pros Drive Compliance and Production Compliance with federal and state regulation has made and destroyed accounts receivable organizations. It is the pillar on which respect in the accounts receivable...


Technology Advisor

Rewarding Telecom Consumers to Entice Payments

Sam Edens

Great opportunities for agencies to get into the telecom market remain. The continued growth of telecommunications providers combined with loosely defined regulation in the industry has introduced a noteworthy amount...


Compliance Advisor

Collection Letter Cases Gone Wild

Debra J. Ciskey

Letters are a necessary evil for debt collectors – necessary because we are required to provide disclosure of the consumer’s right, and because communication with a consumer is necessary to...


Skip Tracing Advisor

Cybertracking Using Email & Websites

Ron Brown

I have been asked on several occasions why data brokers provide IP addresses and how are they useful to a tracer. In this article I will attempt to explain how...


Benchmark Advisor

Reasons to Diversify into New Markets

Harry A. Strausser III

For decades in the collections industry there was a tendency and a perceived strength in specializing your recovery expertise in a specific market or vertical. It was a feather in...


Legal Collection Advisor

Pay Attention to Incoming and Outgoing Mail!

Fred N. Blitt

In passing the FDCPA 40 years ago, Congress found that there was “abundant evidence” of the use of abusive, deceptive and unfair debt collection practices. Later case law clarified that...


Collection Industry Advisor

Batch or Manual Skip Tracing for You?

Nick Jarman

There's an age old debate on which is the most effective way to skip trace an account. The old school method is to have a collector manually skip trace an...


Checklists & Training Tools

11 Strategies to Improve the Science of Skip Tracing

Jason Horsley

Skip tracing is part art and part science. The science involves leveraging technology. I’d like to share 11 strategies to improve how you use technology to improve the science side...


Collection Education Exams

March/April 2018

Collection Advisor

The importance of keeping abreast of new developments in regulation, technology and collection techniques cannot be overstated. The following Collection Education Exam is a quick way of reviewing the information...