January/February 2017

Checklists & Training Tools

A Map to Online Skip Tracing Data

Joshua Fluegel

There is no correct way to scour the Internet for data on a consumer. The troubling thing about this is that means there isn’t exactly a defined wrong way to...


Collection Agency Advisor

Compliance vs. Operations

Sam Eidson

Remember the days of collecting money first, the days when compliance was an afterthought? Things sure have changed over the last 40 years due to the FDCPA to the last...


Feature Stories

9 Steps to Buying a New Phone System

Gordon Beck

Not long ago my agency was faced with the daunting task of upgrading and replacing a phone system that we had all grown to KNOW and love (notice I emphasized...


Cover Stories

Strengthening Collection Litigation

Joshua Fluegel

An ideal world would be accompanied by an end to hunger, no traffic and everyone paying their bills. Unfortunately, the world is not ideal. This means consumers and businesses will...


Technology Advisor

Compliance: Technology Alone Will Not Protect You

Sam Edens

Every day, I receive around a dozen emails detailing some aspect of compliance and data security. Some I immediately delete, some I briefly scan over and others I really dig...


Compliance Advisor

Compliance Tips Courtesy of the CFPB

Debra J. Ciskey

While we await official rules related to debt collection from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, we are expected by the CFPB to conform to the debt collection-applicable requirements it places...


Skip Tracing Advisor

The Invisible Web - Part 2

Ron Brown

In the last issue we began a journey down a little known and seldom traveled path, the invisible web. As a brief refresher, the invisible web is a zone that...


Benchmark Advisor

Thinking About Buying Some Debt?

Harry A. Strausser III

In the very early 1990s I was actively working in my family’s collection firm in central Pennsylvania. We were experiencing some respectable growth with medical clients in our regional market...


Legal Collection Advisor

What is Your Cost of Compliance

Fred N. Blitt

I have written extensively about compliance related issues and consent decrees over the past few months and wanted to take a different approach with the topic of compliance. For purposes...


Collection Industry Advisor

A Play-By-Play of the CFPB SBREFA Hearing

Nick Jarman

Since the inception of the CFPB on July 21, 2011 it has done quite a bit of talking pertaining to debt collection and debt buying. This summer the CFPB was...


Software Spotlight

Voice Broadcasting Evolves to Resolve Debts

T. Steel Rose and Joshua Fluegel

Tried and true methods of contacting consumers to collect debt continue to evolve with the increasing demands of compliance. One of these many methods is the use of the voice...