Columbia Ultimate Upgrades Its Analytics Solution, UltimateAnalytics 2.0

  • Written by Kevin Hartman



VANCOUVER, Wash.—July 23, 2014—Columbia Ultimate, innovators of technology and integrated solutions for the collections industry, announced today the upgrade of its business intelligence solution, UltimateAnalytics 2.0.

UltimateAnalytics is a collections software dashboard that integrates several data intelligence programs and services. The solution is designed to help collection companies reduce retrieval efforts and increase revenue.

Columbia Ultimate worked diligently with its partner company, The Intelitech Group, to bring UltimateAnalytics 2.0 to the market.

“We are committed to our clients’ satisfaction with UltimateAnalytics and will continue to invest time and resources to offer users the best analytics solution in the industry,” said Bryan Houston, managing partner at The Intelitech Group.

Additional enhancements to the UltimateAnalytics suite including:

  • Business Intelligence 4.1

Formerly known as Business Objects, the new version introduces a robust platform and easy-to-use interface, which creates a faster, more dependable workflow designed to generate reports and monitor collection performance.

  • Reinforced Infrastructure

UltimateAnalytics 2.0 features a hardware upgrade with two times the processing power, three times the memory, and six times the storage capacity to improve overall system performance. These enhancements will improve loading, processing, extraction of data and the report building engine.

  • Enhanced Charity Solution
  • This feature provides more intelligence with write-offs for clients, improved accuracy, and upgraded score information.
    • Military Scrub
    • UltimateAnalytics 2.0 users can add this feature, as necessary, to assist with identifying accounts that belong to active and non-ctive military personnel. The Military Scrub places accounts on the best workflow strategy.
      • UltimateContacts Integration

      By incorporating UltimateContacts, version 2.0 delivers dialer flexibility, which offers users more options.

      • Locate 4
      • The latest version of Locate is designed to provide a higher measure of litigious debtor and contact ability, which will help strengthen scores and overall contact ability.
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