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Federal Judge Rules CFPB's Structure is Unconstitutional

Julia Horowitz of CNNMoney

U.S. District Judge Loretta Preska in Manhattan objected to the CFPB's setup as an independent agency with a single director who can be fired by the president only for cause, not at will. In January, a federal appeals court in Washington said that structure is legal. Preska said she disagreed. The immediate...


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May/June 2018

5 Things You Need for Government Collections

Nick Jarman

Government collections can be vastly different than traditional collections as compared to accounts such as financial services, telecom, or utilities. Namely, government or municipality debt is owed indefinitely with no statute of limitations and the debts are not dischargeable in bankruptcy. There are several key elements that need to be...


Collection Software Roundtables

Speech Analytics: Analysis of Speech and Prevention of Lawsu…

Joshua Fluegel

A couple minutes each day focused on the latest developments in a segment of your industry is worth its weight in gold. While it can seem daunting when the topic is outside your area of expertise, that makes it all the more worth while. Speech analytics is a relatively newer...


Feature Stories

Consumer Complaint Numbers Continue Streak of Decrease

Collection Advisor

According to American Banker magazine, the Better Business Bureau reports complaints against debt collectors are down. Debt collectors outperform other industries in complaint resolution. Debt collection dropped to fifth place in complaints behind cell phone service, telephone service, cable television and auto dealers. The 13% decrease in complaints from 2015 to...


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Legal Collection Advisor

Pay Attention to Incoming and Outgoing Mail!

Fred N. Blitt

In passing the FDCPA 40 years ago, Congress found that there was “abundant evidence” of the use of abusive, deceptive and unfair debt collection practices. Later case law clarified that the purpose was to protect consumers victimized by unscrupulous debt collectors while allowing collectors efficient, reasonable and ethical practices in...


Collection Industry Advisor

Batch or Manual Skip Tracing for You?

Nick Jarman

There's an age old debate on which is the most effective way to skip trace an account. The old school method is to have a collector manually skip trace an account using resources and tools provided by the collection agency. The new school method that has been around for a...


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