Top Collection Products of 2016

  • Written by Collection Advisor

top 2016Selecting the top collection products this year was harder than any other year. Therefore, this is indeed a stellar group. Several companies were nominated. Those nominated had to pass several hurdles. The criteria focused on who is seriously committed to providing quality collection services. Over 15 years I have seen hundreds of companies come and go. Therefore, anyone nominated had to have experience in serving collectors and have reference accounts. Nominees also needed to be responsive, first by email and then by phone call. An important hurdle is: who is dedicated to quality? For example, when I am having quality issues with my critical service providers, I would rather my current vendor fix the issues rather than change vendors. If they cannot, I raise the issue to a higher level in hopes of finding someone who can solve my problems. Sometimes that is the VP of operations, sometimes it is the president. Solving problems for collectors is more critical. If a compliance issue exists, who ya gonna call? If you cannot process credit card payments, who ya gonna call? If the data you are provided or the analytics or the mail provider is not really providing the promised 40% more right-party contacts, who ya gonna call? More importantly, are they going to call you back? After personally calling most of the Top Product vendors listed here, I experienced what collection professionals may experience if they have problems and need to talk to someone about quality. It is therefore best to know with whom you are dealing and the actual person ultimately responsible. Being selected for the Top Products of 2016 also tells a great deal about the companies who were not selected. Collections does not have the luxury of existing in a shadowy world. Full disclosure and transparency creates a strong collection company. A collection company vendor should adhere to the same level of responsibility.

Payment Processing Solutions APS Powered by Payscout

800-482-4561 |
APS has offered merchant payment processing solutions to the receivables management industry for over 10 years, serving more than 700 partners and businesses. Services include credit, debit, and Health Savings Account card acceptance, ACH and check conversion. Web payment options range from a standalone portal to secure Reg. E compliance solutions.

PayStream Applied innovation, inc.

800-589-5651 |
PayStream offers two consumer payment portals and live collector portal. Advanced algorithms ensure maximum collections. PIF, SIF, recurring and single payments. Compliance is never an issue with identity authentication, customized legal language and notifications. Administrative tools include transactional reporting, calendar of payments and more. PayStreamZ is a consumer-funded payment portal.

PaymentVision Autoscribe Corporation

800-345-7243 |
PaymentVision offers a PCI-certified payment gateway that helps businesses accept electronic payments via their own call center, automated phone systems, web, or integrated software payment API. The system is settlement agnostic meaning it can settle with almost any acquirer.

Payrazr Marketplace BillingTree

877-424-5587 |
Payrazr Marketplace offers customers a simplification of the billing and receivables process. It delivers integration and point-and-click simplicity. Solutions include payment portals, IVR payment solutions, virtual terminals, secure payment gateways to reduce time-outs, virtual agents, online billing, and mobile solutions. The product is also able to process medical savings accounts for medical accounts.

Castel Connects Castel Communications, LLC

716-932-3040 |
Castel Connects’® Predictive Dialer features a patented algorithm supporting low wait times and abandon rates, the ability to switch to manual or predictive immediately as restrictions dictate and move agents within campaigns and queues to automatically distribute workload across campaigns and queues. When compliance auditors arrive, an agency is able to show how a collector deals with a situation.

CollectOne CDS Software

888-816-3333 |
CollectOne is designed for the ARM industry handling first and third party debt and features a Legal Module for judgments. CollectOne offers standard functionality necessary for collections, such as credit reporting and credit report requesting capability and interfaces with various third party dialers, skip tracing and real-time payment processing services.

IMPACT! HD 2.0 CSS, Inc.

818-593-4830 |
The IMPACT! HD™ 2.0 Collections & Compliance Platform offers cloud-based & on premise solutions for enterprise organizations within 15+ markets including collections, debt purchasing, portfolio + vendor management, healthcare, finance, education, manufacturing, retail, hospitality industries, military, state, and local government.

Ajility Columbia Ultimate

800-488-4420 |
Ajility has real-time workflows and built-in business analytics. In addition to agency solutions it has several different modules for first party including banks, retailers, government, public sector and student loans. Product options include UltimateContacts, UltimateAnalytics, UltimateFind and CollectorPlus (for up to 25 seats).

Document Locator ColumbiaSoft

800-298-1172 |
Document Locator is document management software for collection agencies that reduces risk in compliance and makes possible paperless operations throughout the organization. It combines Windows-integration Web and Mobile access. Workflow, eForms, full-text search and versioning are included. Every document is managed according to policies of the agency. The audit log records every action.

Collect! Comtech Systems

800-661-6722 |
Collect! combines ease of use with total integration of functions. Accounts are efficiently tracked from the time you received until activity is concluded and they are closed. Collect! keeps track of critical information automatically. Total integration provides for seamless and accurate month end statements with full account histories.

Debtmaster Comtronic Systems

800-414-2814 |
Comtronic Systems specializes in developing collection technology that integrates software, telephony and web access. Debtmaster allows increased compliance control with an added compliance analytics tool to investigate problem areas for the acting compliance officer.

State Licensing Cornerstone Support, Inc.

888-445-8660 |
Cornerstone Support has provided strategic licensing services, commercial insurance and expertise to the ARM industry for nearly two decades. Available services include state registration, initial licensing, ongoing renewals, registered agents, resident managers, surety bonds, E&O, and other commercial insurance solutions.

Beyond ARM DAKCS Software

800-873-2527 |
Beyond Accounts Receivable Management (ARM) Software is DAKCS’ flexible integrated cloud or on-premise based software solution that empowers your collections team with the necessary tools to perform various business functions, leverage AR/consumer and client communication, and effectively manage your collection and ARM processes.

TxtaCheck EFT Network, Inc.

800-492-2794 |
EFT Network provides TxtaCheck, a real-time electronic check processing solution. Obtaining actual digital signatures from consumers, along with authentication and authorization; TxtaCheck is an effective way to reduce un-authorized returns. Merchants can accept checks with TxtaCheck to create a virtual check acceptance process, with no underwriting.

FICO Debt Manager | Solution FICO

408-535-1500 |
FICO® Debt Manager™ is an ARM solution for first and third party government collections designed to address today’s complex economic and regulatory challenges. The solution is configurable to a variety of business requirements, including collections, recovery, debt sale, vendor management, bankruptcy, repossession and asset remarketing.

Collection Partner Hubbard Systems, Inc.

800-933-7995 |
Collection Partner® is a debt collection software with an industry specific accounting solution. Hundreds of customizable interfaces are offered ranging from simple spreadsheet imports/exports to full-blown collection network management. Collection Partner® has complete audit trails if a forwarder wants to know where their dollars are going.

idiCORE IDI, Inc.

561-757-4000 |
idiCORE for Collections represents a next generation skip tracing solution. Designed to provide industry leading right party contact information, idiCORE delivers otherwise unattainable insight into consumers through better data analytics and advanced linking technology.

Lariat Collections Platform Lariat Software

877-268-6667 |
Lariat Collections Platform is a solution for collection on a web-based collection platform that services all stages of collections. The database handles multiple debts, items to meet HIPAA requirements. Collectors can send one letter with each debt enumerated in a grid rather than several letters or worse, all debts accumulated in one letter.

Accurint for Collections LexisNexis

888-332-8244 |
Accurint® for Collections: Contact and Locate workflow delivers search tools that streamline skip trace efforts to pinpoint right-party contacts. Accurint® features searches and links to critical consumer details by helping to quickly find people and businesses. It is also able to separate contact, locate and decisioning data.

LocateSmarter Madison Wyatt

888-254-5501 |
LocateSmarter offers data products such as phone append and cell/VoIP identification. Consumer data is obtained by providing customizable waterfalls and scrubs for cell numbers or litigious consumers.

Suite of Collection Tools MicroBilt Corporation

800-884-4747 |
MicroBilt has an extensive selection of skip tracing tools that include banking and employment data, address, phone and bankruptcy, neighbors, relatives and associates. Uniquely positioned as the country’s largest alternative credit bureau, MicroBilt also offers asset searches and verified POE and Bank products.

Pamar Collection Systems Pamar Systems, Inc.

800-727-2627 |
Pamar Systems has provided collection software since 1980. The receivable industry products are server based, or hosted reports to all credit bureaus. Clients may use a SSH and install the software from a remote location, even on a laptop.

Electronic Payment Processing Payment Savvy LLC

866-303-2558 |
Payment Savvy is a payment processing company that specializes in collections with automated payments and regulation compliance. The convenience fee and loan product provide distinctive features. pci collection Letters pci group 803-578-7700 | PCI Group’s collection letter services includes TrakPCI which can track letters from PCI’s facility to the debtor’s door, discover when remit payment is on its way, monitor letter volume and return mail records. Also provided is notification of PDF letter delivery.

Payment Processing & Digital Signatures PDCflow

877-732-4814 |
PDCflow is an online Payment portal and eSignature Software designed to provide consumers a secure and easy method to pay their bills. PDCflow treats electronic signatures with the same security as credit cards. It is also able to accept payment and a recurring payment using the eSignature product in compliance with regulation E.

PDJ Services 1st Source Investigations, Inc.

800-298-1153 |
PDJ Services offers 100% verified accurate information for unlisted phones, cellular phone, people locates and bank & employment locates.

Multi-Channel Communication Solutions RevSpring

248-567-7300 |
RevSpring delivers consumer-centric, multi-channel communications including email, text messaging, inbound IVR, self-service portal and electronic signatures in addition to mail services. RevSpring recently invested in additional state-of-the-art dynamic color printers. This additional technology and capacity provides dynamic color documents in RevSpring’s East, Midwest and West regional production facilities.

Bloodhound Software ROYDAN Enterprises, Ltd.

800-236-6906 |
Bloodhound® Software is designed to automate collection workflow with integrated dialing services and web access. All data in one place and updated in real-time prevents compliance issues. Format for skip trace data can work with any system. Advanced Payment Systems, EFT Network and PDCflow are built in for immediate payment verification.

Platform 3 TCN, Inc.

866-745-1900 |
TCN’s blended IVR capabilities allow for simple or sophisticated design to handle each call using call recordings, menu selection or pass through methods; routing calls to the appropriate blended agent. This is accomplished using intuitive templates and call flows. This cloud-based IVR supports sub-second voice response, screen pop and answering machine detection.

Debt$Net Collection Software The Computer Manager, Inc.

800-552-8397 |
Since 1987, Debt$Net® has provided Collection Software for collection agencies, law firms and in-house collection departments. The software which satisfies the collection requirements for companies specializing in retail, commercial, medical, check and receivables management collections. An imported CFPB complaint file identifies types of consumer complaints.

CollectBOOST US Tracers

800-360-5601 |
CollectBOOST provides proprietary Place of Employment, banking, address, wireless and landline phone, associates, email, and vehicle information. Used for garnishments, levies, skip tracing, collections, pre-litigation due diligence, scoring, and portfolio valuation by banks, debt buyers, collection agencies, and finance companies.

Payroll Promise VeriFacts, Inc.

800-542-7434 |
Payroll Promise is designed to support a legal strategy by locating verified full time places of employment. The information returned is 100% guaranteed to be accurate.

DirectDrop Voicemail VoApps

855-737-1596 |
VoApps provides patented voicemail solutions to reach mobile voicemail boxes. DirectDrop Voicemail delivers a voice message directly to a consumer’s voicemail server – without dialing or calling the phone in question – allowing call centers to respond to inbound follow-up calls based on the message delivered. Over 100 million messages have been successfully delivered to mobile users.

Honorable Mention

Outbound Engagement Center Genesys

Artiva RM Ontario Systems

CLEAR Thomson Reuters

CollectMax JST

First Search Equifax

AdvantEdge Accelerated Data Systems

PaidSuite PaidSuite

Virtual Agent Collector The Interprose Corporation

RMEx (Receivables Management Expert) Quantrax Corporation

Print and Mail Processing Renkim Corporation